Runswick Bay
North Yorkshire
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Runswick Bay Inns and Taverns

This delightful North Yorkshire fishing village, which is just a mile from the A174 coast road, between Whitby and Saltburn, is a collection of little red roofed cottages clinging to the cliff. Its steady stream of visitors has resulted in shops, hotels, and restaurants. There is a fine sandy beach which stretches around the bay, in which Runswick reclines, and in common with all of the bays on this coast line, visitors need to be aware of the fast rising tides. The sheltered waters do, however, attract pleasure craft and there is usually a line of fishing cobles on the shore, acting as a reminder that the fishing industry continues to operate from this little coastal village. In 1901 the village women famously launched the heavy lifeboat themselves to rescue their fisherman husbands, whose cobles had been caught in a storm.

Runswick Bay

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